Information on standard form contracts for use of the executive system ISaGRAF Target in controllers (PLC)

1. Description

            The license policy of Rockwell Automation, the ISaGRAF brand owner, provides for long-term contracts with manufacturing companies and suppliers of programmable logical controllers referred to below as Contractors.

FIORD Ltd. as a Rockwell Automation distributor offers the contract for a term of 1, 2, 3 or more years, that can include a certain amount of licenses for the executive system ISaGRAF Target, the integrated development environments ISaGRAF 6 ACP (I6-ACP, Automation Collaboration Platform) and different options.

2. Standard form contracts

            All proposed contracts include a certain amount of the executive system licenses (ISaGRAF Targets).

Contracts can be of 3 types:

- contract without the I6-ACP licenses included (ISaGRAF Target License only);

- contract with an unlimited quantity of the I6-ACP Licenses;

- contract with a certain amount of the I6-ACP Licenses (the special offer).

2.1 Contract without the I6-ACP Licenses included

            A Contractor should specify the type of contract. The type depend on a chosen ISaGRAF License quantity, that he is obliged to purchase during the term of the agreement validity (Table 1).

Table 1


ISaGRAF Target License quantity












     5000 - …

I6-ACP Licenses are purchased by Contractors outside of contract according to current ISaGRAF products price-list.

2.2 Contract with unlimited quantity of the I6-ACP Licenses           

               This type of contract proposes to a Contractor an unlimited quantity of licenses for interactive development environments during the period of the contract validity having a limited license quantity for Runtime Targets.

Table 2


ISaGRAF Target License quantity






















2.3 Special offer: contract including a certain amount of the I6-ACP Licenses

            FIORD Ltd. proposes to Contractors a special type of agreement. Making such agreement, a Contractor has the opportunity to unite the advantages of both standard contracts for ISaGRAF products and get additional bonuses! According to this type of agreement a Contractor obtains a defined set of licenses for ISaGRAF Target and I6-ACP at the unique price (Table 3).

Table 3



Price (USD)


50 ISaGRAF Target Licenses and 50 I6-ACP Licenses,
the Runtime Targets include drivers Modbus RTU&TCP Master&Slave



100 ISaGRAF Target Licenses and 100 I6-ACP Licenses,
the Runtime Targets include drivers Modbus RTU&TCP Master&Slave


The agreement first of all allocates to Contractors who start production or delivery of small series of controllers or launch prototype production and delivery for market outlet estimation of theirs products. Following the results of the agreement a Contractor may conclude a new agreement of any type.

The uniqueness of this offer lies in the fact that the Contractor may choose

a variant of target system options supplying to end user: the options can be included by default in the executive system ISaGRAF or be proposed separately.

In the first case, the selected options are included in the contract with the Contractor at special low prices.

In the second case, options purchased by the end user are offered to a manufacturer and a PLC supplier with 50% discount from the public price.

3. General conditions for contracts

               Contracts are concluded for 1, 2, 3 or more years. Terms of payment and delivery of licenses can be agreed and divided into stages: month, quarter, year, etc. During the term of the contract or after its termination there is possible a revision of the terms and the type of contract.

4. Options for the executive system ISaGRAF Target            

            A contract can includes options that greatly enhance the functional of the executive system ISaGRAF Target and help the Contractor to bring a product to market as soon as possible. Options may also be offered to the end user of controllers as optional modules to the basic suite of Runtime Target. The list of options is shown in Table 4:

Table 4

Modbus TCP Master Modbus TCP protocol driver, Master mode
Modbus TCP Slave Modbus TCP protocol driver, Slave mode
Modbus RTU Master Modbus RTU protocol driver, Master mode
Modbus RTU Slave Modbus RTU protocol driver, Slave mode
IEC 60870-5-104 Master Driver IEC 60870-5-104 protocol driver, Master mode 
IEC 60870-5-104 Slave Driver IEC 60870-5-104 protocol driver, Slave mode 
ISaTUI Local text interface system on controllers
Failover Support system for backup mode and failure recovery
FDA OPC Server The access server for real time data using the protocol FDA 
ISaGRAF Archive System (IAS) System of local archive management on controllers, historical data collection, graphical configurator of local archive maintenance system.

5. Software packages for application development: PRDK, PIO ...

            Depending on the requirements for the hardware and software platform, as well as the availability of ready solutions for selected platform, the list of supported platforms is given below, the Contractor may choose a software package to develop his own executive systems ISaGRAF Target.

            For adaptation of the executive system ISaGRAF Target to platforms of the Contractor's company, FIORD Ltd. offers a package Program Runtime Development Kit (PRDK), which represents the source code of executive system ISaGRAF Target, the complete set of documentation, examples of adaptation to specific hardware (x86) and software (Windows, QNX, LINUX, TimeSys, Linux Real Time, OS-9, InTime, ucOS-II, etc.) platforms, drivers: CAN, Ethercat, Modbus RTU \ TCP, the description of the interfaces for working with IEC 61499 and IXL (ISaGRAF eXchange Level) protocol, technical support by the distributor.

            Having a generic executive system ISaGRAF Target for selected platform a Contractor may purchase a driver development package (Program Input \ Output Development Kit, PIO), which enables to develop input \ output drivers, functions and functional blocks, and to complement the generic Runtime Target by his functional extensions. Package includes ISaGRAF Target object codes for a selected hardware and software platform, documentation in Russian and English languages, sample programs, distributor's technical support. For many contractors, this package is a cost-effective, unique solution to develop their own software and hardware products.

            In addition to listed above packages there are available:

1.Package for adaptation of I6-ACP development environment to own trademark (PRDC)

2.IXL clients development package (IXL)

3.Package for development and integration of system for backup mode and failure recovery(FOVR)

4.Package for development of IEC 61850 server (IEC 61850)

5.Tools for developing own servers and drivers of access to real-time data of executive systems ISaGRAF Target via protocol FDA (Fast Data Access).

The price of each of the above package for application development depends on the type of contract.

6. Supported system architectures and operating systems.

            Currently ISaGRAF Target supports the following types of hardware and software architectures (Table 5). The list of supported platforms is constantly updated!

Table 5

Operating system (OS)
OS Version
Debian > 4.0, Bodhi, Ubuntu, Arch, Mint
4, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5
XP SP3, 7.
Win CE
Embedded: CE 6.0 R2, CE 6.0 R3, Compact 7
Debian > 4.0, Bodhi, Ubuntu, Arch, Mint
6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5
XP SP3, 7.
As well as
Freescale, Motorola, BeckDK41, Beck EB60, Renesas H8S-2378, NetBurner,
OS-9, Beck OS, CMX, InTime, Rtx2009, Rtx8, TimeSys Linux, TimeSys Linux Real Time, ucOS-II, uITRON OS etc.

7. Contact information.

FIORD Ltd ., Russia, 199034 Spb, V.O. 17 line - 4 tel.: +7(812) 323-6212 Е-mail: info@fiord.com,  www.fiord.com www.isagraf.ru shop.fiord.com

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